Extracts from customers’ letters/emails – all 100% genuine.

These are not endorsements, merely feedback from customers who suffer with eczema and have found our natural creams and soaps helpful.

“Having rosacea for seven years, I was desperate to find something that worked to sooth my skin, and was at the stage of becoming depressed about the way I looked, having had lovely clear skin all my life, even the doctors don’t know what causes it, it can be many things, in. My case it was a full hysterectomy that caused this horrible skin condition. I was recommended by my aunt who has used Elena’s products for years, I have used the Trinity soap/shampoo on my face along with the creams for nine months, I can honestly say, I feel so proud of where my skin is today, an absolute winner, I wish I had these product seven years ago, I am writing this review as I know there will be many women out there that have and are suffering from this horrible skin condition. Thank you Elena for changing my life.” Anne

“I just wanted to write and express my sincere thanks…
When I had lost all hope and was trying to live and find ways to calm my aggressive foot…I found the funds to get your Trinity Soap and Shampoo along with your Eureka Cream. It’s a miracle for me as my foot is starting to calm and the pain from itching is subsiding! I’m crossing my fingers that my GP with allow me to get it on prescription. Thank you!! After 5yrs of suffering on and off I’m already feeling more comfortable in my own feet!” Emma

“I tried all kinds of face-washes and creams to get rid of the sore, red, flaky patches in my eyebrows and on the sides of my nose – none of them helped. Incredibly after just one wash with Trinity Soap and then moisturising with your Day Cream Special things improved dramatically. That was several months ago and my skin is still free of problems! The only time they ever come back is if I don’t use these two products for a day or so. Highly recommended and worth every penny!” Steve

“Had another flare-up, ghastly…..Luckily I had your Trinity Soap and Day & Night Creams. After 5 days it has almost disappeared. Bless you.” Holly

“I would like to thank you for making your magical creams. They have made such a difference in my life. LIFESAVERS.” Sue

“I cannot thank you all enough. Within 2 weeks of starting to use your products my daughters itchy skin improved so much that she slept through the night for the first time since she was born.” Kayla

“This summer I tried your full sun block, I found it blended well with your other creams. I was amazing to see her enjoying the sunshine while playing in the garden. I would like to thank you for the life changing work that you all do.” Family Bruce

“I’ve been using your products on my 5 month old son and his skin is clearing up beautifully! He also smells divine now. THANK-YOU!” Tanya

“For many years now my husband has used and recommended Elena’s products. They helped him enormously with eczema and psoriasis on his legs, the conditions now being virtually non-recurring. He uses the Trinity soap Shampoo, the Day Cream Special and the Night Cream Extra daily, the creams being particularly effective for someone who is out of doors a great deal. In recent years I have become a user myself and I can only endorse his view that this is a very fine , restorative and protective system that is of both medical and cosmetic value. My thanks to Elena and her Nature Collection.” Rita B

” I have been using Elena’s products for over 10 years, initially to control psoriasis and eczema on my legs. It worked splendidly and on the rare occasions the psoriasis returns it immediately disappears after a few days treatment. The Trinity Soap Shampoo is the best I have used, and, spending most of my days outdoors, for years now I have used the Day Cream Special and Night Cream Extra on my face to good effect. It never fails to protect and revive the skin. Long may it ………My gratitude to Elena and her team for their wonderful preparations.” Derek

“I can’t believe that I have been using your creams for about 25 years now. I first heard about your cream from a colleague of my husband. I remember Elena, you used to deliver to my door often after you’d done your Aerobics class. Well the years have passed and I still swear by your Cleansing Tonic and Day Cream. At 58 years old and a recent grandmother, I still don’t have many wrinkles- there’s only one thing I can put that down to – Elena’s Magic Creams!” Gill T

“Firstly I would like to tell you that my husband has used your Illumination Cream on his problematic facial skin for 6 years. It has been prone to numerous skin cancers over several decades. He was in Africa in the 2nd World War, very exposed to the hot sun. We tried every conceivable concoction over the years to keep his face moisturised – nothing was satisfactory, irrespective of price tag, until we came across your preparations. The Illumination Cream really has been excellent! After a course of radiotherapy recently we were given an ointment to apply regularly which we did. After 2 weeks my husband’s skin deteriorated rapidly so we decided to revert back to the Illumination Cream. Within 48 hours the skin had calmed down and started to improve again and within a week was back to ‘normal’. Seeing an oncologist 14 days after completion of the treatment he was amazed at how well it had healed. I am of the opinion that the Illumination Cream played a considerable part in the healing process- after all it is 94 year old skin! All I can say is thank you for all your wonderful preparations, may they be available for a long time to come.” Ilse and Peter

“All I can say is, these creams can cure any skin condition because mine was one of the worst there was. Red, itchy and scaly and it spread. Now I have a clear skin with not one spot of red or any other spot.” Anon

“Thank you, thank you Elena don’t ever stop making such a miracle cream. Thank you for never giving up in your research to develop a perfect complement to our delicate skin which that needs this sort of care for it to thrive and look it’s best. I wish I could tell the world about it and give hope to others who suffer with skin conditions that could be relieved of the suffering just like I had.” Margaret

We have hundreds of letters from satisfied customers and Health Professionals over the past 25 years. Please ask to see some. Call: +44 (0)1435 882092 Email: elena@elenascollection.co.uk.