Extracts from customers’ letters/emails – all 100% genuine.

These are not endorsements, merely feedback from customers who suffer with eczema and have found our natural creams and soaps helpful.

2 September 2020
Only just discovered the illumination cream thanks to one of your testers. It’s amazing and great for “mature” skin 🙂 Thank you so much for everything……you are all saviours!
Anna, Wandsworth

15th June 2020
During the recent COVID-19 lockdown I decided to give my hair (by now unruly anyway) a break from products and heated styling appliances and use only my Trinity Soap/Shampoo as a clarifying shampoo, while letting the hair dry naturally.
I noticed very quickly how shiny and healthy it looked and was pleased with this. Nothing surprised me more when after about 6 weeks of use I suddenly realised that it was so much thicker! I’m in my 60’s and it has been thinning a bit over the last 10 years or so……
The result is my hair looks glossy and bouncy like it used to when I was 30 and I am very happy!
I will certainly continue this haircare routine!! Well done Elena’s Nature Collection for this wonderful product that I’ve been using on my skin for 12 years and always been a fan of anyway.
Bexhill Fan

18th June 2020
After doing some heavy gardening work and returning indoors I realised I had a very nasty bite on my arm. I had no idea what had bitten me but it was an area of about 4” x 3” and was so swollen, red, painful and itchy I knew I had to act fast!
I grabbed the nearest thing to bring relief which was to my Trinity Soap/Shampoo and spread it all over the affected area. Within half an hour the swelling, redness, itch and pain had disappeared…. I was flabbergasted! I left it on my arm and sponged it off later in the evening when I applied some Eureka Cream. The next morning all I had was a faint redness where the bite had been, amazing result! From now on this will always be my first go to for bites and stings, a brilliant first aid duo.
Maddie J

“I’ve been using the Alpha Baby Soap and shampoo since I was 2 years old as I have eczema and quite a few allergies and it is one of the few products I can use which doesn’t affect me. I’m now 14 and still using it to wash and also wash my hair. It makes my hair feel light and fluffy! It always seems to be the one product I end up going back to and I will probably still be using it when I’m old!” Love Isabella

“I just wanted to say that  after only a couple of days of using your Trinity soap, my daughter’s acne is clearing up brilliantly. I thought she had little purple scars across her forehead but they are all disappearing! I am amazed.” Allie

I was desperate to find something that worked to sooth my skin, and was at the stage of becoming depressed about the way I looked. I have used the Trinity soap/shampoo on my face along with the creams for nine months, I can honestly say, I feel so proud of where my skin is now.Thank you Elena for changing my life.” Anne

“I tried all kinds of face-washes and creams to get rid of the sore, red, flaky patches in my eyebrows and on the sides of my nose – none of them helped. Incredibly after just one wash with Trinity Soap and then moisturising with your Day Cream Special things improved dramatically. That was several months ago and my skin is still free of problems! Highly recommended and worth every penny!”

“Had another flare-up, ghastly…..Luckily I had your Trinity Soap and Day & Night Creams. After 5 days it has almost disappeared. Bless you.” Holly

“I would like to thank you for making your magical creams. They have made such a difference in my life. LIFESAVERS.” Sue

“I cannot thank you all enough. Within 2 weeks of starting to use your products my daughter’s itchy skin improved so much that she slept through the night for the first time since she was born.” Kayla

“This summer I tried your full sun block, I found it blended well with your other creams. I was amazing to see her enjoying the sunshine while playing in the garden. I would like to thank you for the life changing work that you all do.” Family Bruce

“I’ve been using your products on my 5 month old son and his skin is clearing up beautifully! He also smells divine now.” we are now fortunate enough to get the products on prescription – Thank you, we are forever grateful! Tanya

” I have been using Elena’s products for over 10 years, initially to control psoriasis and eczema on my legs. It worked splendidly and on the rare occasions the psoriasis returns it immediately disappears after a few days treatment. The Trinity Soap Shampoo is the best I have used, and, spending most of my days outdoors, for years now I have used the Day Cream Special and Night Cream Extra on my face to good effect. It never fails to protect and revive the skin. Long may it last………My gratitude to Elena and her team for their wonderful preparations.” Derek

“I can’t believe that I have been using your creams for about 25 years now. Well the years have passed and I still swear by your Cleansing Tonic and Day Cream. At 58 years old and a recent grandmother, I still don’t have many wrinkles- there’s only one thing I can put that down to – Elena’s Magic Creams!” Gill

 “Thank you, thank you Elena don’t ever stop making such a miracle cream. Thank you for never giving up in your research to develop a perfect complement to our delicate skin which that needs this sort of care for it to thrive and look it’s best. I wish I could tell the world about it and give hope to others who suffer with skin conditions that could be relieved of the suffering just like I had.” Margaret

“Have used these and other products from Elena’s range for many years, since my youngest was small and suffered badly from eczema and now he is 19! My eldest and I use them, too, and they are a pleasure to put on our skin as they really work and it is reassuring to know that they are made carefully from pure, natural ingredients.” Michelle

“Elena’s products worked wonders in clearing up our grandson’s eczema! They’re amazing! I’ll be a lifelong customer!” Pat

I have recently taken to using Eureka cream as my skin had started to become incredibly itchy and dry. I remembered that my eldest grandson who as toddler had severe eczema and my daughter purchased this cream for him which had amazing results.” Sue

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