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Eczema Products available on the NHS

25 years ago Elena a burns and plastics nurse began producing a moisturiser whilst working at Queen Victoria Hospital. Nursing patients with burns, scars and skin grafts she wanted them to heal. Conventional methods were not satisfactory. Elena’s moisturiser was full of therapeutic ingredients to make a difference to their skin. Indeed, it worked!

Her patients were over the moon with the results of her magic cream. Since then people prone to eczema and psoriasis found their way to Elena. After 12 years Elena realised what they needed to live happily with eczema under their control. Her dream was perfected when 9 of her products became available on the NHS 9 years ago.

It is advisable to commit to Elena’s Nature Collection for 2 months before approaching your GP. At this stage you will fall into the 80% success and stand a better chance of getting your products prescribed.

Made by hand under pharmaceutical conditions from Burwash, East Sussex.

All products have PIP codes. Phone us for advice and help first.

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