beach meditationProtecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays is easy to overlook in the UK. Because we don’t see the sun all the time , we pay little notice to the rays that are still around even when its cloudy,mainly because it is still a source of uncertainty and confusion to many of us. The centre of this confusion is the sun’s ultraviolet A (long-wave) and ultraviolet B (shortwave) rays.

Understanding what damage is caused to the skin, and how best to protect it, seems to change yearly as new research comes out. It was once thought that only UVB was of concern, but we keep learning more and more about the damage caused by UVA. New improved forms of protection against UVA keep emerging. Keeping up with new developments and new improved forms of protection is important so we can enjoy the weather and protect our skin.

There are many sunscreen products on the market all claiming protection. Sunscreen efficacy is measured by its SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The number indicates how long it will take UVB rays to redden (or burn) the skin, so for example an SPF of 20 means it will take 20 times longer to cause the skin to redden than if no sunscreen was worn at all. It is recommended to wear at least an SPF 15 or higher to provide adequate protection. Babies and young children should always wear full protection of a Factor 50, though ideally kept out of the sun and in the shade where possible in hot climates.

If you have sensitive or eczema prone skin always choose a natural form of SPF. Most contain preservatives which are chemical based and can cause further irritation or worsen sensitive skin conditions.

Below is some information and tips on Elena’s Nature Collection Full Sun Block

ELENA’S FULL SUN BLOCK (Made in Denmark)

 ●   Full sun protection normally equates to Factor 50. (SPF)

●   This product is made from powdered Titanium Dioxide in Jojoba Oil. This pure mineral is also used in sweets and the food industry. It provides UVA, UVB,and UVC protection, Factor 50. Mineral based sunscreens are non-irritant and are especially suitable for babies and young children with sensitive skins. Ideal for people who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis.

●   It is unperfumed, which helps prevent wasps and other insects being attracted to the skin – fragrance free to deter the bee!

●   Elena’s Full Sun Block is relatively water-resistant, however, after a swim or perspiring heavily, please re-apply some more. Always re-apply frequently to children, particularly if they have been crawling or scrambling about, been in the water or have clothing on and off.

●   You will notice a white silky sheen on first application, which soon disappears.

●   It is very white as it gives full protection. It cannot be put in a spray because of the consistency. With small babies, squirt onto a tissue and apply gently or apply directly.

●   The non-spill stopper makes it easy to control the amount required.

●   Always shake the bottle before use.

●   A tip for keeping your Full Sun Block fresh and cool, is to take a small cool bag/eski to the beach with you to keep it cool and protected. Leave it in the shade

●   Always wear a hat to protect the scalp from burning, i.e. sunstroke, and always protect the eyes, facial skin and the neck. Ensure the back of the neck is covered.

●   Bring an umbrella / parasol to ensure plenty of shade.

●   Always wear proper sunglasses with UV protection – very important point.

●   Make sure you bring plenty of water and fruit to keep re-hydrated.

●   Have a large beach towel to protect baby from the sandEnjoy the sun in moderation, we all need the light.