eczema on holidayThis week is the busiest in the calendar for travel, getting away for that much needed and long awaited break. Having a child with eczema can take its toll on everyone, not just the child that is suffering from this condition, so any steps that can be taken to pre-empt situations will make sure everyone has a good time. Parents have to be aware of what causes flare ups in their child’s skin, keep a careful eye on what they eat, as and watch where they go with their siblings.

With climate change we are just as likely to have hot sunny days in the UK as well as Spain, Greece or wherever else we choose to holiday, so care needs to be taken when out in the sun at home too, something which is often overlooked.

Covering your child in a reliable, natural, chemical-free sun screen is a must – Elena’s Full Sun Block Factor 50 (£17.65 for 100ml plus a free 25ml after sun lotion) is ideal for the job! T-shirt, hat, sunglasses are all a must and must become part of your daily routine in the hot weather.

Keeping the children amused during the long summer break can be a tall order for parents who have to constantly think of different activities and places to go. Swimming is a common pastime enjoyed by all ages, something we take for granted if your skin isn’t prone to eczema or psoriasis. If it is, this can be a minefield!

Try applying a layer of Ultimate Body Oil to your child (or yourself) to protect the skin for the length of time in the water- this will help to keep away the aggravation from the chemically treated water. On getting out of the pool, apply Trinity Soap before showering to deep cleanse the skin. As soon as you get home, apply another layer of oil before applying the Day Cream or Night Cream. If it is sea water, and outdoors, then ensure the affected child is covered in full sun block to stop the sun’s harmful rays damaging the skin.

Children also spend their holidays often in the company of others, either family members or parents of their friends. Be sure to mention any known allergens or triggers that may cause your child’s skin to flare up – after all, you are the one that has to deal with the consequences!

Finally, enjoy the summer, hopefully the sun will shine throughout the whole of it and all will have a good time!