We’re feeling the love at Elena’s Nature Collection today! Happiness

A wonderful testimonial just arrived from a mummy who had tried just about everything to get rid of her baby boy’s eczema. We are so thrilled that our products have made such a difference to her little one’s quality of life that we just had to share her story.

Dear Elena,

When my new born baby boy started developing eczema all over his body at a couple of weeks old I went to see my GP. In fact over a period of three months I saw five GP’s (one who specialised in dermatology) who all suggested emollients that contained paraffin and petroleum. We tried countless emollients that had no effect and were time consuming as they needed to be applied numerous times during the day. In the end we resorted to 0.5% and 1% steroid cream that would ease the discomfort and clear up the eczema but once we stopped using it the eczema would come back with a vengeance and his skin would be red raw and cracked.

I had lost confidence in the GP’s and was worried we were using the steroid cream too often so we started researching dermatologists who ran private clinics. Then a friend told me about Elena’s Nature Collection creams that her sister had used on her nephew. I spoke to a lady at Elena’s and explained my situation and she helped me choose the best combination of creams and soap for my little one. A combination of washing him with Trinity Soap and using it as a bubble bath and one application of Day Cream in the morning and one application of the Night Cream before bed have become our routine and we are gradually getting rid of his eczema. After about 2 days we noticed a dramatic difference and his groin, back and the back of his knees cleared up within a week. We are still using this combination of products and at 9 months old he only has flare ups on his neck and tummy every now and then.

I am so relieved and happy to have found these products and tell anyone who will listen including my friends, health visitors and nursery workers.

I hope this is of use and I am happy for this to be posted on your site. I will be ordering some more Trinity Soap this week!

Thank you.
Claire N.