Pure Blend oilWell, it’s been a while since I last posted in our little blog. Fact is, the whole team has been working flat out working on our new Pure Blend therapeutic skin oil and there simply haven’t been enough hours in the day! Happily though, the formulation has been perfected and, thanks to the fantastic input from our customer test panel, we are totally happy with the product. It’s now available in our online store and can be purchased HERE

Rather than tell you about the benefits of Pure Blend myself, I’ll let our independent testers give you their opinions…

Thank you for our sample of your new body oil. We found the oil very pleasant to use. The scent was light, the oil soaked in very quickly and did not leave an oily feeling. It worked very well on my legs which are extremely dry from old sun damage. They were still moisturised the next day when some body moisturisers have disappeared. A very good product
Karen and Jo

I love it!!!!
1. The citric smell is fresh and comforting, seems to pull me into warmer sunnier months ahead
2. Texture, love it too, not quite as heavy as your Ultimate Body Oil, but a good blend that still sinks in well.
3. Absorption, as above, it does soak in easily. Shaved my legs this morning and after used this oil and the dryness disappeared and is staying away!
4. When can I buy some please, I am sure it will be a winner, especially with younger women who aren’t in their vata period of life and not continuously flaking and shrivelling up yet, overnight like I would, if i didn’t use your oils!!! 🙂

Thank you for the lovely sample of your body oil which I have used sparingly to make it last as long as possible.
I really love this oil,it has a fresh,subtle and beautiful aroma and is wonderfully light. It soaks in very quickly leaving the skin looking moist with a lovely sheen. I particularly love it on my neck and shoulders area making my mature skin looking young and fresh. This oil has the best quality that I have tried to date…
Thank you again Elena. I absolutely love it.

Thank you very much for sending me through the sample of your Pure Blend therapeutic body oil. I have now been using it for over a week and wanted to report back my thoughts.

1. Smell – I thought the smell was quite consistent with what i would expect from your products, not overly sweet but very natural. I must admit I do love the smell of orange and would have liked the smell to have been a little stronger and sweeter, but to know that the product is all natural ingredients is more important.
2.Texture – This oil felt lovely and smooth to apply, not at all greasy. It also felt light, not a heavy based type of body oil and it spread over my skin beautifully, and not leaving that “baby oil” type feeling with other oils.
3. Absorption – This oil went straight into my skin on the first application and absorbed great. Although after a couple of days I did notice that my skin wasn’t absorbing quite to well/fast and I put this down to my skin being a little more resistant… so I learnt to apply a lot less as the days went on. I only need to use a small amount now to get a nice even coverage which makes a product value for money.
4.Anything else – This oil has done wonders for my body as a whole. On skin that was problem free (my arms and legs) it is now smoother and looks lovelier than ever. On my hands and feet my skin feels much softer but stronger and much more resilient to day to day chores.I have used a small amount on my face and my skin seems a lot more supple but I only need to do this maybe once or twice a week or otherwise I fear my skin would get quite greasy. One of my biggest surprises during the trial was using the oil instead of my usual hand and nail products. Your oil has made my nails look and feel in great condition, really strong and shiny, and my nail beds have stayed nice and moisturised (I get quite dry around my nails).


So, there we are. Super praise from our test panel, which we are absolutely delighted about. I do hope you’ll consider giving Pure Blend a try. If you do, please let us have your feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love and light,