Special Offers for February


A glimpse of spring with Snowdrops and Crocuses breaking through and lots more lovely offers from Elena’s Nature collection!

Our Eye Makeup Remover is among the many offers this month and is popular because not only does it remove mascara efficiently, it also nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes and enhances the lashes! Followed by our Radiance Eye Cream which helps the skin remain radiant and supple they make the perfect duo!

February offers as follows:

Eye Makeup Remover at £6 (saving £1.15)
Radiance Eye Cream at £20 (saving a massive £6!)
Trinity Soap at £18.50 (10% off)
Ultimate Body Oil at £15 (saving £1.65)
Illumination Cream at £34 for 100g, £22.60 for 50g (20% off)
And last but not least our popular Eureka Cream still remains at £30 for 100g and £20 for 50g

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