skin oilOils rather than creams are becoming increasingly popular as a moisturiser in the beauty industry. They are certainly one solution for dry skin, protecting against the elements. Easy absorption and pleasant smells are what attracts many people when choosing their product but one has to be careful to understand just what is going into the product to make it do what it says on the bottle!

Many popular beauty oil brands contain “mineral oil” as the main ingredient which is a by-product of petroleum. Mineral oil is a substance of relatively low value, and is produced in very large quantities. It is available in light and heavy grades, and can often be found in pharmacies. The definition of a Mineral Oil is “A heavy film forming oil and a clear liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, a by-product of petroleum”. Mineral oil acts as a layer that’s difficult to absorb & can clog the pores which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. It can also cause irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory system.petrochemical

To make this oil absorb easily the second ingredient is often some form of ‘penetration enhancer’. This product alters the skin’s structure allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper. But the skin is our largest organ and we need to think as much about what we put on it as we do about what we eat.

Look for an oil which uses a petroleum-free carrier oil as its main ingredient. The only reason to use any chemical-based product is because it’s cheap. There is no need to do this if you want quality. There are many oils such as Jojoba, Almond or even Olive that do the job just as well, to lubricate the dry skin before moisturising.

mortar and pestleAfter establishing what the bulk of the product is made up of, one needs to look at the ‘special ingredients’ as they are often the main selling points. However, they’re often added in very small amounts. Calendula and vitamins A and E are super natural skin regeneration ingredients to look for. Lastly look what source the lovely smell is coming from and make sure it’s not artificial. A lovely smell can be achieved with essential oils such as Lavender, Rose, Sweet Orange, Geranium and many more according to individual choice.

A gorgeous product newly available for those who prefer to go all-natural is “Pure Blend Therapeutic Body Oil” from Elena’s Nature Collection. It is made from only natural, pure ingredients such as Almond, Jojoba, Coconut and Olive oils and fragranced with Sweet Orange essential oil. It’s a beauty oil that smells delicious, contains no chemicals and still does what it says on the bottle!