available on prescriptionAn increasing number of our clients, approximately 70%, are now able to obtain their products on prescription. So don’t give up if you were unlucky the first time you approached your GP, try again.

Ask for our FREE G.P Info pack which enables the doctor to find out who Elena’s Nature Collection is, what we offer, and what they have to do to prescribe the relevant products for their patient. Each product has its own individual PIP Code which the Doctor can locate on his/her system and order the products for you.

If your GP is unsure, then offer to share the cost- if they allow you to obtain the Day Cream Special, Night Cream Extra or Eureka Cream on prescription then offer to pay for the Trinity soap/Shampoo and the Ultimate Body Oil yourself.

For those who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis, the opportunity to try a natural, organic skincare range on the NHS can literally be life-changing, so please do help to spread the word!