Just wanted to share this message that came into us this week. It’s so heart-warming to read about our natural skincare products making a difference to eczema sufferers..

Dear Elena and team,

I just wanted to write and express my sincere thanks. After being diagnosed with a form of eczema that comes on the hands and feet my Doctor told me it was extremely hard to treat and I was given a steroid and a fungal cream. I used these for months and stopped as it seemed to get better and then suddenly came back even worse, the worst it’s ever been!

I was in so much distress because everyone said there wasn’t anything to be done! My foot was in agony, so itchy, hot, uncomfortable, and painful to the extent that it was difficult to sleep! I was praying that it didn’t go to my other foot or hands! Thinking how would I cope with that! I wouldn’t!!

When I had lost all hope and was trying to live and find ways to calm my aggressive foot, the natural Horam clinic told me about your products. I phoned and left a message and one of your lovely team phoned me back and put me at ease and I found the funds to get your Trinity Soap and Shampoo along with your Eureka Cream!

From the first use I can see improvements and the relief is seconded to none!! It’s a miracle for me as my foot is starting to calm and the pain from itching is subsiding!

I’m excited that in another few weeks I can attempt to put my foot in a closed shoe if I would like to!

I’m crossing my fingers that my GP with allow me to get it on prescription.

Thank you!! After 5yrs of suffering on and off! I’m already feeling more comfortable in my own feet!

Warm wishes and regards