Our products are handmade, meaning they are not homogenised. This means they are stirred gently and slowly to enhance each ingredient and ultimately save its molecular value. The final product still has all its individual ingredients at their virgin stage.

Our products are produced in an aseptic laboratory. Here sterile conditions are maintained and all ingredients are kept in a fridge with a constant temperature.

No ingredients are boiled or overheated. Specifications are followed according to manufacturers’ advice, including the MSDS sheet. This protects the public and ensures all ingredients are used in the correct quantity.

Woodmans Farm is set in 28 acres of fields and ancient woodland with a lake. Nature being the keyword here to enhance the vibration of the products.

All our products are fresh and have a shelf life of 12 months. The sounds of birds, a waterfall and silence surround Woodmans Farm.

Our Commitment, your wellbeing