doctor iconSome people prefer to read and study all the extensive research facts and information on a website, others prefer to discuss their skin problem over the phone. It is ideal to speak to a member of our team to ensure you try and buy the correct products for your personal success.

We are interested in your skin and need to find out how the skin condition is eg: is the skin red, dry, hot, itchy, irritating, sensitive, oily spotty etc etc.

Your age matters, how long the condition has persisted and how it affects your life. Anything relevant is important and we will discuss with you what the best solution is for your skin.

A thorough explanation on how often, how much to use, when to use it etc, a daily routine is worked out for each individual. Because all ingredients are natural and organic we ask for commitment to our products for 4-6 weeks in order to reap the success.

Elena’s Nature Collection tips list is a useful pamphlet full of advice to follow to reap success. Do read it. It arrives with the goods. The tips are useful, effective and many of them free. They are all from Elena derived from 12 years of research working with people who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis.

They are unique for her and her patients.

Elena’s Nature Collection, the elixir of dermal life