It is thought that allergies in children and teens have increased by 20% over the past decade, and around 4% of the population suffer from a food or digestive allergy. Most of these allergies are triggered by foods, including milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, peanuts and shellfish.
Children who have a food allergy are also more likely to suffer from eczema or asthma and other conditions such as hay fever. These are often hereditary or genetic condition. These can sometimes result in anaphylactic shock, which means careful monitoring of the child on a daily basis by carers and guardians. The knowledge of what to do in an emergency, such as use of an Epipen, an auto injector which administers a measured dose of adrenaline, and calling emergency services are vital.

At Elena’s Nature Collection we are here to help with advice and provide the tools to alleviate skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, so that once under control, it is easier to spot signs of what triggers the condition or flare up when an allergen is ingested. If your child suffers in this way, keeping a diary of daily food intake (nothing too in depth, just a list of what is eaten daily) marking a page when a flare up occurs, can help to eliminate any food stuffs that cause the problem next time a flare up occurs to see if any of the foods coincide.

There are tests available to find out intolerances to different food groups but they often involve a pinprick or needle, with the suspected allergen applied to the skin. Not nice when you are a small child (or adult)! A safe, non invasive way of testing is Systematic Kinesiology which can be carried out on children and babies of all ages through simple muscle testing.

Ingredients play a big part in reactions often found in mass produced products, which we do NOT have in our products. These are parabens, pabens, SLS’s, bleaches, colourings, paraffin, petroleum or lanolin or palm oils from unsustainable sources.




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