WinterDuring the colder months of autumn and winter, the weather, as well as the drying effect of central heating, can have an adverse affect on the skin with many of us suffering from chapped lips, sore hands and cracked heels. Those who work outside are especially vulnerable.

A lip balm is essential to stop cold winds from damaging the soft, vulnerable skin of the lips. The air in winter is especially dry and cold and the lips are constantly in contact with saliva — especially if you lick them. There are many commercially available lip balms, but most contain a number of chemicals as well as by-products of the petroleum industry. Our Angel Lip Balm is made from natural ingredients carefully selected to nourish and soothe the weather beaten skin and to provide a long-lasting moisturising protective screen for the lips and around the mouth.

For sore hands and cracked heels it is vitally important to, first of all, keep the skin clean and free from bacteria. Our Trinity Soap is perfect for this, since it uses all-natural ingredients and will not dry skin out like most anti-bacterial washes. It is of course safe for eczema and psoriasis sufferers too.

Once clean and dry, an intensive moisturising protector must be applied to keep the hands and feet smooth and supple. Naturally we recommend our own Eureka Cream which took eight years to perfect and offers a host of long-term benefits besides hydrating the skin.

Other than keeping skin clean and moisturised, it is important to make sure that hands and feet remain warm and dry by wearing appropriate clothing. A good tip is to buy lamb’s wool insoles for inside your boots. Also, try not to wear wellies, since they don’t keep your feet warm and the lack of breathability causes feet to sweat, which then leads to cold, wet feet. A recipe for cracked heels!

We hope these tips will help you to maintain beautiful hands, feet and lips throughout the chillier months. As always, please do contact us if you have any questions about our products, or natural skin care in general.