“My name is Elena. I grew up in Denmark by the sea, one hour north of Copenhagen. I learnt to swim like a dolphin, row like a man and fish like my Dad. Later, when I was 12 years old, I learnt to water-ski as I refused to learn to sail and soon became a mono-skier. Later I became a water ski instructor!

I loved to help people overcome their fear, stand behind them , holding them in the correct position and teach them to get up for the first time. My Dad took my sister and I to Sweden from time to time on water-ski’s, a long journey of 10-15 miles. We would then have an ice cream and ski back. I also learnt to play badminton and became a champion in my league, until boys took over and that was the end of that!

I was never clever intellectually, spent hours on homework daily and struggled to keep up. Brains were measured in my era so my physical abilities were ignored. I went to university in Canada, and left after a year as I missed European culture even at just 21. My Father suggested I go to Mallorca for 3 months and become a tour guide. Much to my surprise I was accepted and got offered one of the 20 places available out of 200 people. I loved working in Greece and Spain and got to know the people and their culture, and learnt to speak Spanish.

Later, I settled in Copenhagen and became a ground hostess for SAS Airlines, working very hard for a super salary. I flew all over the world on 90% off tickets! I just loved travelling! I then met an Englishman, a Jew, in Copenhagen whom I married. We decided to go and live on a Kibbutz in Israel. I loved Jerusalem and managed to hitchhike through the Sinai to Dahab where the snorkelling was like paradise, with palm trees on a stretch of golden beach.

When all this failed, I travelled to England to be with my sister who was working in Tunbridge Wells as a Nurse at the Kent and Sussex Hospital. I too became a Nurse at the same hospital and later went on to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. It was here I found my calling in life and became passionate about finding a solution to healing the skin.

I qualified as a Burns and Plastics Nurse (ENB 264) and formulated a cream as conventional treatments didn’t seem to sufficiently work. My patients were desperate, and so was I to help. I tried My Day Cream Special on all my patients with their consent naturally, using conventional treatments on half their body and Day Cream Special on the other half – we all saw miraculous results! I was very excited to realise I had formulated a product which appeared to regenerate the damaged skin from burns to suture lines to skin grafts. In fact, any skin problem.

Strangely, fate brought me people prone to eczema and after 12 years of research mostly with babies and young children but also adults, I had perfected a routine which was solely based on customer feedback.

During all the years of slowly building up a cottage industry, I worked as a Rescue Nurse worldwide. A wonderful chance to help British tourists stranded abroad following an accident during a holiday. For me it also offered a wonderful chance to travel the world and get to know its locals everywhere. My five languages assured my status as a nurse and friend, definitely not a tourist.

Working 7 days a week for years, I finally managed to leave my job, buy a little cottage in Wadhurst, got a dog and finally a horse. My life in the countryside suited me, I became part of nature, still single I soldiered on and paid builders to transform my cottage inside and out. I worked for 7 years myself, painting, decorating, sanding ….you name it. I bought an acre of land at the back of my garden and after endless objections from my neighbours I finally got planning for 2 stables. By now, I had created a paradise where I was seeing patients every weekend with free of charge. I also erected a massive Tepee which I used for yoga workshops , peace meetings, and superb parties! (All food cooked on a trivet above the fire ).

In 2000 my Father died and my soul mate appeared. We eventually moved in together and have shared Woodmans Farm for 9 years now. It has taken 9 years to transform it to what we wanted. 5 years ago our house burnt down and we finally got planning to build our dream farmhouse.

Today we live happily in my creation, a Scandinavian barn look alike with lots of glass and balconies, with stunning views of the nature all around us. The phoenix always rises from the ashes. Commitment creates success is one of my sayings. Also, ‘All good things come to he who waits’!! Slow starter indeed, but it is worth it. The quality I have created slowly and surely through my life echoes in my business and products. All the products have their unique quality and strength.

Every product is still handmade to this day and available on prescription doctor permitting, and has been for the past 10 years. My passion for people suffering from any skin problem is still as profound as it was the day I started working at Queen Victoria Hospital. Long may it last!”

– Elena Schalburg