eczema creamLiving with eczema or any skin problem is very stressful. It affects your whole day, every day. Getting your skin problem under control is the solution to the problem. So how do you control  it? Studying eczema over 12 years as a nurse and trying to help people who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis, I was guided by my clients. They led the way. They told me what they suffered from and what they needed and wanted. It took me years to invent a daily routine which controlled the problem.

Firstly, everyone told me their skin was red and itchy. A constant itch-scratch cycle became a vicious circle with pain caused by scratching which was more tolerable than the itch. Of course, in the long run this made the condition worse.

After years of trials I managed to formulate Trinity Soap/Shampoo which was designed to help reduce the itching. To work properly it has to stay on the affected skin for 20-30 even 40 minutes. Wear a dressing gown, have breakfast whilst the soap takes proper effect, then shower it off properly. Cold water at the end of a shower closes the pores and heightens white blood cell count. Towel dry and apply the Ultimate Body Oil. This oil was formulated for lubricating the dry scaly skin. No need for emollients which contain barrier ingredients and can block the pores. After the Ultimate Body Oil has been applied this is followed by the Day Cream Special during the day and the Night Cream Extra during the night to help a restful sleep and regenerate the skin.

For total success it is necessary to commit to ‘Elena’s Routine’ for 2-3 months. This finally brings control of the problem. If the eczema flares up or there are stubborn areas, Elena’s Eureka Cream – a top-of-the-range product to help the skin when in dire straits – was formulated as a safety net. ‘A life-saver’ and ‘minor miracle’ are just some of the terms given to this magic moisturiser by our customers.