Elena’s Nature Collection award-winning skincare products are the perfect solution to alleviating skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis topically. The company has been established for 28 years and the products are all available on prescription, GP permitting. Over the past 5 years Elena’s Nature Collection has been awarded 8 awards for outstanding handmade products.


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However, sometimes something more is needed to treat the body internally to enhance its effectiveness in keeping the skin under control. Stress is a huge part of everyday life, and if you suffer with a skin problem this can be exacerbated by stress. Homeopathy and Flower Remedies are ideal tools to help complement Elena’s Nature Collection if it is felt that something extra is needed.

Dr Edward Bach was a Medical Doctor and Homeopath which he practised in London in the 1920’s. He became famous for his work in formulating the Bach Flower Remedies. He devel­oped a method of transferring the energy from the trees and flowers that he found helpful to water, which he then preserved with brandy, and so was able to dispense remedies from this source. A few drops of the required Remedy in a glass of water can make a huge difference to a person’s emotional state. A powerful and yet gentle healing tool, which can make a huge difference. A good remedy to start with is the com­bination Rescue Remedy, also called Five Flower, to which can be added Crab Apple, a cleansing Remedy. Because they work on the emotional or mental issues, there is no direct effect on the physical body, showing no physical symptoms but can improve the situation that could be the cause of the skin flare ups without realizing.

The recommended dosage is three to four drops on the tongue four to six times daily for as long as needed or as stated above can be put into a glass or bottle of water and sipped throughout the day/night, for up to about six weeks maximum. If there is little or no effect after a while then it may be necessary to vary the remedy slightly. The remedies are en­tirely compatible with both prescribed medication and homeopathy.

Other complementary therapies which can make a huge difference are Reiki and systematic Kinesiology. Reiki is a deep relaxation therapy which helps to reduce stress and tension, removing cares and worries. The client lies fully clothed on couch whilst the Practitioner carries out a series of hand positions on or off the body, which help to dispel any negative energy, leaving the client feeling invigorated and balanced. Kinesiology is muscle testing by a Practitioner, who can test for both allergies and intolerances to different foods and rebalance the muscles creating, again, an invigorated and re-balanced person.

These are only an example of a few complementary therapies around.  A few others are Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and to some extent Yoga and Pilates. Of course, not every therapy suits every person and we all have preferences to what suits our individual body or we like to use. Again, all therapies are meant to complement and used in conjunction with conventional treatment (if it’s needed) the main aim is improve either our physical or mental health or both, and be happy with the skin we are in!