Something a little different today. A new customer contacted us to say that she had used some of our products as a remedy for cold sores, and, with her permission, we’re sharing her findings…

After using most of the over the counter products available for the treatment of cold sores with no joy, I finally decided to try some natural ones.

After scouring the internet, I discovered that what is needed is something to kill the bacteria without drying out the skin too much (this just makes it crack and erupt again). Tea Tree oil and Chamomile oil are perfect for this and whilst they cannot be put onto the skin neat, products containing these oils come out top. After reading recommendations on various forums I decided to try your Trinity Soap/Shampoo as it appears to have exactly the right balance of these effective ingredients. I actually applied it directly to the blister and left it on. This instantly took away the sting!

Then after washing it off 10 minutes later I applied your Eureka Cream. According to fellow cold sore sufferers it’s a good oil-rich moisturiser that contains vitamin A to nourish and regenerate the area. My approach was to apply little and often and it worked incredibly well for me. Now, for the first time in my life, I am cold sore free. Yipeeee!!!! All it took was a bit of research and a desire to find a natural remedy. I can’t recommend your products highly enough.