autumnHot skincare tips for cold weather!

The weather has changed noticeably over the past couple of days and the central heating is creeping on in the evenings in most houses! With the changes, comes irritable itching for those prone to eczema or psoriasis, or dry skin for those who suffer in the colder weather.

Here is a reminder of the recommended routine to help combat these issues and protect the skin throughout the coming months. Discount on Routine Pack for first time buyers. Lots of special offers for regular customers!



1. Trinity Soap and Shampoo is the Kingpin of the Routine. It is of the utmost importance to help reduce the itch by preparing and cleansing first. Trinity Soap and Shampoo evolved through customer feedback and took years to perfect. My customers were begging me to make a soap that would reduce the itch and also be safe and suitable for people who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis. Trinity contains Tea Tree and Essential Oil of True Blue Camomile. Must be left on affected areas for 10-30 minutes to work!

2. Ultimate Body Oil is a blend of natural oils to lubricate the dry, flaky skin. For best results use directly on the skin. Can be mixed with Trinity Soap/Shampoo for scalp.

3. Day Cream Special and Night Cream Extra to moisturise the skin, little and often throughout the day and night as required to get a restful sleep.

4. Eureka Cream took eight years of research to perfect. For stubborn areas and areas out of control. A life saver.

No research has ever been carried out on animals. For 12 years all my regular clients were happy to take part in my trials until the recommended Routine was perfected to help those who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis. After three to six months of trying my products my clients would give me feedback and any necessary changes would be made to solve any issues.

No evidence has ever come to light regarding allergies caused by long term use.

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