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Elena qualified as a nurse (RGN) in 1983 at the Kent and Sussex Hospital. Spurred on by her passion for dermatology and the healing process of the skin she qualified as a Burns and Plastics Nurse (ENB264) at Queen Victoria Hospital. Here she developed a moisturiser. Her main goal was to ensure that it worked. Indeed it did and Elena’s Nature Collection was born.
People worldwide, of all ages contacted her for help. This created an enormous success rate and her business is inundated with letters and emails from satisfied customers who are over the moon with the results, especially from parents with babies and young children.

‘Elena’s magic creams’ is a phrase often mentioned. She thrives on the success rate of her products. Elena was determined to make a difference and indeed customer feedback proves that.

25 years of research has been spent perfecting a range which is also safe and suitable for people who may be prone to eczema or psoriasis. Using ingredients in the correct quantities to create the desired effect is what gives Elena’s Nature Collection a high success rate. They are chemical free, natural, organic and enriched with vitamins and minerals, pure and from highly respected sources.

Elena spends lots of time researching

Elena spends lots of time researching

Elena is the marketing manager. A lot of research goes into studying information both via books and the internet to ensure that the products are marketed in the right direction to reach the people who will benefit the most. She calls Elena’s Nature Collection ‘The Peoples’ Range’. Read her inspirational and informative blogs which can be found on this website and on Facebook.

Through unfailing dedication Elena’s Nature Collection has been available on prescription for the past 9 years.

Also last year Elena’s Illumination Cream was proudly awarded the Platinum Award for best product for problem skin by Imperfectly Natural.


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