I have suffered from acne for a great portion of my life. At times, it has made me feel small and on certain days I was made to feel like I was less of myself. It even came to a point wherein I avoided going out just because I was so embarrassed to show my face in public. Nowadays, though, I am glad to say that my story has completely changed for the better. In this article, I will be discussing how I found my way to crystal clear skin with just the right products, a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of patience.


Growing up with extremely oily skin, (and I mean like a grease ball) I was under the assumption that oily skin meant that you didn’t need any more moisturizer. I’m glad that I stopped buying into that belief, and nowadays I am a big supporter of moisturizer. The lack of moisture on your face makes your skin produce more oil to compensate for the loss of moisture. If you have oily skin, I do however advise that you only use moisturizers that have lighter formulas or are water-based as opposed to those that are cream-based.


In order to have bright and clear skin you always have to ensure that your skin is free of any clogged pores or dry skin cells to avoid having a dull complexion  When you fail to exfoliate, your dead skin just literally sits on your face and makes your skin look more and dull as the days go on. Make sure to exfoliate once or twice a week. You have the option of using physical exfoliants, but if you’re worried that it will irritate your sensitive skin, then you can choose chemical exfoliants that will be more of micro exfoliation.


I cannot stress this enough. Cleansing, in my humble opinion, is the most important step in your skin care routine. Not washing your face or not cleansing it thoroughly can lead to clogged pores which in turn can lead to acne. I am a firm believer in the double cleansing method. I first wash using an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser and then I remove that stuff using a soap based cleanser. It makes my skin squeaky clean.


I used to avoid using sunscreen because I was under the mistaken belief that it could just further cause oily skin, which I didn’t need much help with actually. But all kidding aside, I have since learned how important this step is for those that have troubled skin. The pigmentation on your face caused by acne scarring or by photoaging can be prevented or at least lessened by the constant use of sunscreen.

Avoid touching or picking at zits and scabs

This is pretty self-explanatory stuff. I know it’s disgusting to say even, but I was a really big picker growing up and all it left me with was pitted scars that just won’t seem to go away.

Spot Corrector

Spot correctors were specially created for those suffer from discoloration on the skin brought upon by age spots, sun spots, acne scarring and even skin pigmentation disorder. Spot Correctors is highly concentrated stuff which usually contains licorice root, papaya extracts, and Vitamin C.

Treat your skin

I just recently started practicing this. I think a lot of us put so much pressure on our skin and ourselves actually to be perfect. Now and then we must not forget to pamper our skin by going to a spa or any beauty clinics. If you’re a penny pincher like me, then you can create your spa day at home using mask sheets and DIY face masks and scrubs. You don’t need to spend a pretty penny to pamper yourself.

You too can have beautiful, clear and flawless skin with just the proper amount of patience and products. One day will also experience being proud in the skin you are in. With the use of the tips mentioned here, that day will surely come sooner than later. Just wait and see.


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